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life time line


The project entitled “Life Time-Line”, is a part of a series of installations that also includes photos, drawings and videos.


Life Time-Line is the result of a process of interchange of ideas between Bettina Geisselmann and Tamara Campo.


These two artists appear on videos that are inside of different virtual balls, in a very peculiar ping-pong game in which the spectators have no right to play, they are just observing the movement scenes of the interacting and rebounding balls as they come out of the game. It all reminds us of the different social behaviors and how they pass us by quite unnoticed. They are executing a sequence of physical and mental efforts while they are trying to reach a certain place. Both artists they jump while they are attempting to beat any given barriers along the way.


This work establishes a connection between the ping-pong table and an architectural map, making reference to the dimension of private spaces, which turn out to be inaccessible, controlled and forbidden.



The visual images we have recorded with video cameras and cameras make us reflect on the idea of being constantly observed, of being under permanent surveillance. The balls also allude to the reflectors and laser beams being used by those control systems installed in cities, airports, banks and other strictly controlled areas of any given city around the world. This installation goes together with the sound of the impact generated by the ping-pong virtual balls while they collide and rebound on the table…, and even between them.


It all depends on the different rebounds, crashes and impulses; therefore life will always be as relative as the game, as uncertain as the ball movements where jumping always implies a way out.